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As a lover of all things romantic and old-fashioned, my favorite weddings to be a part of are those that combine traditional elements and pieces of your family’s heritage (whether that’s your grandmothers engagement ring, something your mother wore on her wedding day, or just getting ready in the room you’ve woken up in since you were a little girl) with the unique personality of the couple getting married.

I love wedding days that are filled with the wonder and happiness of what you’re entering into, a covenant of love and commitment binding you to your best friend “…for as long as you both shall live.”  I believe that your wedding day is about so much more than a Pinterest board or the latest wedding craze, and my goal is always to document the unique beauty of your day in the most romantic and genuine way possible, so that looking back through the photos in years to come will take you right back to the happiness of that day.

I work hard to build relationships with every couple I book, so that on your wedding day I can slip in and out of the sweetest and most intimate moments without interruption or distraction.  If that sounds like what you’re looking for in a photographer then I would love to talk to you!

I’m currently only booking 13-15 weddings and a limited amount of portrait sessions in 2020 so that I can give the attention and care that each client deserves—so let’s talk soon! Much love,



My Family: (whom I like to refer to as "my band of boys”)  I've been married for seven years to the boy who won my heart while he was busy doing my first year of self-employment taxes.  (He knows how to romance a girl.)  I tell him I married him for his business smarts, but if I'm honest it's actually because I couldn't resist his adorably crooked smile.  We've had three little boys in those seven years, and as busy as they keep us, we couldn't be happier. 

Jesus: I love Him because He first loved me and "My determined purpose is that I may know Him.  That I may become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, … understanding the wonders of His person more clearly." (phil 3:10) I’d like to be known as the girl who “made a conscious choice to trust in God, to take his word as truth, to see opportunity, and to wear His praises publicly on her lips.”  (Andree Seu)

Iced coffee: (Or really any kind of dessert like coffee drink) I don't think I'll ever love coffee black, but I can make a mean cup of cold brew and I drink it year round with copious amounts of cream, mocha, and sugar.

Anne of Green Gables: is my kindred spirit/soul sister/spirit animal or whatever you want to call it. I love it all – her hair, her wistful imagination, impulsiveness, winsome femininity, and how she feels everything so deeply, makes her one of the greatest characters ever imagined by an author. 

All the flowers + floral things: I hope to someday have a massive garden that will keep my home filled with fresh veggies and flowers. But for now I’m happy with my miniature garden as I learn to keep things alive for more than a month at a time.