As a small business owner who works from home (or coffee shops) it can be a lonely and overwhelming experience to try and grow your business without anyone else to help you learn, brainstorm, or cheer you on.  We sit in front of our glowing screens and feel that from the looks of what everyone else is posting they’ve got it all together because they make business ownership + beautiful photography look like a snap.  But despite our clean and curated instagram feeds we’re all constantly learning, often struggling, and half the time we’re figuring it out as we go along.   I’ve been so grateful over the past 7 years for all of the kind and gracious women I’ve had the chance to learn from, many of whom are now some of my dearest friends.  I currently have a close group of photographer friends in the area, who are the best of pretend co-workers, and we have a little online group that we post in almost every day with questions and “Help–I need opinions on this!” kinds of things.  We meet for coffee and lunch regularly and I know for a fact that without their support and friendships over the past few years my business would not be where it is today. Friendships like that is something that no small business owner should be without.

The concept of this workshop was birthed out of  a desire to give photographers who are in the early stages of their business a leg up as they grow, or the photographer who just feels stuck and not sure where to go next a nudge in the right direction, and to help foster genuine and supportive relationships between women who are all working to grow their business.  My hope is that everyone who attends would leave feeling refreshed and inspired, equipped with the knowledge they need to take their business to the next level, and with sweet friendships that will last for years.

I’ve hosted and led 8 workshops over the past 6 years, and I feel like this is a culmination of everything I have learned from those years of teaching and hosting.  I have spent the last 7+ years building a photography business as a single-girl-turned-wife-turned-mom-of-two.  My business has stretched and changed with each new season of life, but one thing that has remained constant is my desire to care for, serve, and love my clients, while honoring Christ in every area of my business.  Those core values are what help shape every business decision I make, and that is the perspective from which I will be teaching!  (With a pretty heavy dose of Anne-ism’s thrown in.)  This workshop is nearer and dearer to my heart than anything else I’ve done like it and I sincerely hope you’ll consider being a part of the fun!  I will only be able to accept 8 applications so if you’re interested please apply soon!

Workshop Goals: To help you build genuine relationships with like-minded photographers while equipping you to run a successful photography business in whatever stage of life you may be in.

Workshop Topics:

  • How loving Jesus above all else can and should affect every part of your business
  • The daily ins-&-outs of running a small business, including: interacting with & booking a client from first inquiry to delivery of final product, record keeping, pricing, workflow, etc.
  • Technical knowledge: i.e. shooting in manual, post processing, working with different types of lighting, etc.
  • Using social media to grow your business
  • How I run a portrait session and wedding day.
  • Building strong relationships within your industry
  • Website critique
  • …and anything else you want to ask me!  I will be an open book and do my best to answer any questions you might have and give you access to anything and everything I use for my business!

You will be a part of 3 portfolio-building shoots (one of which will be a styled wedding session) for a chance to watch how I interact with my clients as I’m shooting them, and to put into practice what we’re learning!  You will also get a mini headshot session so that you will have updated pictures of yourself to use on your site.  And last but not least you will leave with a goody bag full of gifts from a few of my favorite vendors and brands!

The Cost: $800 – that includes everything listed above + your stay at the sweetest little airbnb home in Grapevine, TX + all of your meals while you’re here (and they will be delish, trust me.) + materials + handouts.  (pssst. invite a friend and you’ll each get $30 off your tuition!)

To apply, send me an email at and I will send you an application to fill out.  Applications will be accepted until May 22nd or until the workshop is full!  Can’t wait to hear from you!