“How long will it take for me to receive my finished pictures?”

For portrait sessions you can expect your images within 4 weeks, and for weddings you will have your gallery within 6 weeks, and then your flash drive of images will arrive about 10-14 business days after you receive your gallery. Sometimes you will receive them much faster if it’s not my busy season, but you can be sure you’ll have them within the time limits stated above.


“Will I be able to make prints from the digital files you give me?”

Once you receive your final images, you will be able to make prints using the digital files I send you. You will also have the option of ordering professional quality prints through the online gallery of your pictures.



“How many outfits should I plan to wear for my portrait session?”

I recommend two outfits, any more than that and you'll spend a lot of time changing clothes which will really eat in to the picture taking time! Most couples chose to do one slightly casual outfit, jeans or shorts, with button down or blouse, and then a fancier outfit, that can be anything from a dress for the girls and blazer for the guy, to a formal gown for the girl and a suit for the guy. Whatever you feel like best fits your style! Girls, if you're interested in doing a formal, but don't want to put down the big bucks for a dress, I recommend rent the runway!


“Will you choose the location for our engagement session or will we?”

I always like to hear if there is a spot in the area that is special to the two of you, maybe the place he proposed, a fun spot where you love to picnic, where you met, etc. to see if there’s a place with meaning that would make a good location for engagement pictures. But sometimes that’s just not practical, in which case I have plenty of locations that I love to use in the DFW area, and will be happy to share those with you and let you pick your favorite!


“Once we’re ready to book you for our wedding, what is the booking process?”

Once you know that you’d like for me to be your wedding photographer—yay!—I will talk through your wedding day with you to help you decide which collection best fits your wedding day needs. Then I will write up a contract and send it to you for you to finish filling out. All I require to hold your date for you is the completed and signed contract and a 30% non-refundable deposit. Once I have that, you’re good to go!

Ready to begin?

I'd love to tell your story! Contact me via the forms on my contact page.